SiteMaster TS

SiteMaster TS

Combines with total stations, for larger more complex buildings and 2D Land Surveys, allowing a building footprint to be created ready for the internal survey to be carried out

Key Benefits:

  • Complete CAD plan produced onsite using increased accuracy of a Total statio

  • Excellent for plotting complicated or large buildings externals with ease

  • Produces complete CAD plan on site so eliminates the need for duplicate CAD work back in the office

  • Speeds up the survey process

  • Increases accuracy


In Detail:

SiteMaster Building produces highly accurate CAD plans on site using a Bluetooth enabled Leica Total stations and a windows mobile device (mobile phones, tablet PC’s, laptops etc) The surveyor takes measurements using the Leica Total station which then beams the measurement directly to a CAD plan on the hand held device (See Archos 9 page) using Bluetooth to create a complete CAD pan of the building all on site.

SiteMaster TS has all the benefits of an office bound CAD package but offers it in a mobile form with the added functionality and ease of use through linking with a Leica Total Stations.

The surveyor can vastly reduce the survey time and eliminate the need for duplicate adaptation into a CAD programme back in the office. Using a Total Station increases accuracy further and enhanced the surveyors ability to work externally. The application has the added ability to attach photo’s, voice notes, manual notes and documents to specific location on the plan. This function has numerous benefits but can be of particular use when considering condition or dilapidation surveys.

Who is TS for:

Surveyors, Architects, construction workers, property investors who need to carry out the following tasks:

  • Measured Survey

  • Lease Plan

  • License Plan

  • Fire Safety Plan

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Disability Access Plan

  • Asbestos Survey

  • Dilapidation Survey

  • Condition Survey

  • Renovation Plan

  • Portfolio management

  • Service schedule Plan


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Price: £1,794.00

Price includes VAT and delivery