SiteMaster Topo

SiteMaster Topo

Land survey software plot land contours and features into CAD representation onsite

Key Benefits:

  • Complete CAD plan produced onsite of land contours

  • Produces complete CAD plan on site so eliminates the need for duplicate CAD work back in the office

  • Speeds up the survey process

  • Increases accuracy


In Detail:

SiteMaster Topo Survey provides the opportunity for the surveyor to Bluetooth measurements directly onto a CAD plan onsite on a tablet PC (See Archos 9) The surveyor takes measurements using the Leica Total station which then beams the measurement directly to a CAD plan on the hand held device (See Archos 9 page) using Bluetooth to create a complete CAD pan of the area all on site. SiteMaster Topo Survey has tools for topographical collection of streets, buildings, land as well as city planning details.

Who is Topo for:

Surveyors, Architects, construction workers, Land surveyors, Archaeologists

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Price: £1,794.00

Price includes VAT and delivery