SiteMaster Office

SiteMaster Office

For office bound CAD work

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective office CAD package

  • Increased functionality and ease of use with bold clear button symbols


In Detail:

SiteMaster Office allows the surveyor that prefers to only capture the essential details of the building on site to then return or email to the office to complete plans there. SiteMaster Office has the same user interface allowing smooth connection between out in the field operations and the office, where making use of bigger screens in a more comfortable environment with no time constraints may be beneficial. SiteMaster office can enable an office bound support team to send or receive plans via email to or from the onsite surveyor

Who is Office for:

Surveyors, Architects, construction workers, property investors who need to carry out the following tasks:

  • Measured Survey

  • Lease Plan

  • License Plan

  • Fire Safety Plan

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Disability Access Plan

  • Asbestos Survey

  • Dilapidation Survey

  • Condition Survey

  • Renovation Plan

  • Portfolio management

  • Service schedule Plan



Price: £714.00

Price includes VAT and delivery