SiteMaster LT


SiteMaster LT






The basic package, used to produce simple accurate floor plans where accurate locations and sizes of doors, windows and walls are required

Key Benefits:

  • Produce scale floor plan quickly on site

  • No need to redraw onto CAD package back in the office

  • Actual location and sizes of Doors and Windows

  • Speeds up the measuring process



In Detail:

SiteMaster LT produces highly accurate floor plans using a Bluetooth enabled Leica laser measure and a windows mobile device (mobile phones, tablet PC’s, laptops etc) The user simply takes measurements using the Leica laser measure (See D3a BT or D8 Pages) which then beams the measurement directly to a CAD plan on the hand held device using Bluetooth. Using the directional keys on the Leica the user can determine the direction of walls on the CAD plan with ease. Doors and Windows are placed in exact locations and to scale, through a series of simple clicks on the measuring device.

Who is LT for:

Anyone that requires accurate scaled floor plans of buildings with actual Window and Door locations and sizes. Ideal for estate agents.

Talk to us about bundle prices including - SiteMaster LT, Archos 9 Tablet PC with Survey Carry Case and Leica Disto D3a BT


Price: £345.00

Price includes VAT and delivery