SiteMaster Facade

SiteMaster Facade


Software for accurately plotting buildings externals using a total station where greater detail is required Picture of Total stations

Key Benefits:

  • Accurately plot the external facade of the building using Leica Total stations

  • Produce the CAD plan on site so results can be checked and additional measurements taken


In Detail:

SiteMaster Facade enables the surveyor to produce CAD plans of complicated facades all onsite in a short time. The measurements taken from a Leica Total station of features of the facade are placed into a 2D CAD project onsite. This offers the ability to check and make additional measures where needed, as the results can be checked instantaneously.

Who is Facade for:

Surveyors, Architects, construction workers, Land surveyors, Building conservationists, Planners


Price: £1,194.00

Price includes VAT and delivery