SiteMaster EPC

SiteMaster EPC 
Produces commercial EPC’s onsite, process all calculations and vastly reduces survey and process times

What does SiteMaster EPC do?

What are the benefits?

Produces an EPC on site
Reduces mistakes and need for site re-visit
Increases profitability or competitiveness, due to reduced processing time
Produces highly accurate plans
Speeds up the survey process
Provides option to sell plans for –Fire safety, floor plan and lease plans
Increases profit per survey
Easy to check and update
Completes all calculations for you
Eliminates the need for manual processing
Increases profitability or competitiveness, due to reduced processing time -70/75% back end time saved
Eliminates human error
Creates a digital file for whole
EPC Easy to forward for auditing
Reduces need for storage space
EPC survey all carried out on tablet and laser measure
Increases accuracy dramatically
Provides a professional appearance
Eliminates paperwork

 In Detail:

SiteMaster EPC has all the capabilities of SiteMaster Building but with the capability of IsBEM added. The energy assessor takes measurements using the Leica laser measure (See D3a BT or D8 Pages) which then beams the measurement directly to a CAD plan on the hand held device (See Archos 9 page) using Bluetooth to create a complete CAD pan of the building all on site.
When entering the measurements of each element the assessor is prompted to enter characteristics of that element via a drop down system. The software will assume that all element types (walls, windows, doors etc) are the same as the previous; this eliminates the need for multiple entries through a single click, or the ability to enter new materials when needed. The assessor is also prompted to enter HVAC, hot water and lighting details. Once an area or complete building is measured the assessor clicks the corners of each zone and clicks each element symbol to associate that element with the selected zone. The software then auto fills IsBEM, should an internet connection be available the EPC can be completed onsite. The application has the added ability to attach photo’s, voice notes, manual notes and documents to specific location on the plan.
The user can dramatically reduce their workload due to the software auto filling IsBEM eliminating the need for manual calculations and by producing the EPC onsite, whilst survey times can also be reduced without the need to write down individual measurements.

Who is SiteMaster EPC for: 

Commercial Energy Assessors Level 3 and Level 4. The Energy assessor with the use of the software can also offer:
  • Measured Survey

  • Lease Plan

  • License Plan

  • Fire Safety Plan

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Disability Access Plan

  • Asbestos Survey

  • Dilapidation Survey

  • Condition Survey

  • Renovation Plan

  • Portfolio management

  • Service schedule Plan


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