Leica DISTO D8 - Infinite combinations

  • 360 degree tilt sensor

    The combination of angle and distance measurements allows you to determine distances where conventional methods fail.

  • Error-free data transfer

    BLUETOOTH and SiteMaster Mobile CAD survey software ensure that data transfer to hand held tablet PC's is quick and error free. Offering accurate collection and display of required data with ease.

  • Strong outdoor performer

    Measure long distances simply and quickly thanks to the digital Pointfinder with its 4x zoom and high resolution colour display.

Leica DISTO D8
Leica DISTO D8


Leica DISTO D8

Any tilt can be determined in the simplest of ways by placing the housing on the sloping surface.

The in-built digital Pointfinder provides you with an easy way to point precisely at long distance.

Leica DISTO D8

The BLUETOOTH interface means you can transfer data quickly to SiteMaster software quickly, without errors.

Price: £690.00

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