Leica DISTO D3a - Can it measure that accurately?

  • Precision at the touch of a button

    For everyone who needs to be really accurate: Leica DISTO D3a has a an aacuracy of + 1.0mm.

  • Tilt Measurement

    Using the integrated titl sensor you can quickly determine tilts up to + 45 degrees.

  • Smart Horizontal Mode

    Thanks to the combination of distance and tilt measurments you can determine the horizontal distance absolutely precisely and simply - even past obstuctions.

Leica DISTO D3a
Leica DISTO  D3a


Leica DISTO D3a

Thanks to a wealth of functions, you are equiped for any measurement situation.

Measure tilts up to 45 degrees quickly and simply.

Leica DISTO D3a

Indirect height measurements using Pythagoras functions.

Price: £290.00

Price includes VAT and delivery