Predicative EPC

Make that renovation project as efficient as possible

The Domestic EPC is a hugely beneficial tool when considering reasonable alterations to existing homes. But when a complete renovation is required involving substantially more work a predictive EPC can help the project obtain high energy efficiency levels.

Properties with a low Energy rating often only show on the EPC as having a slightly higher potential rating, this is simply due to the fact that the EPC will only suggest reasonable measures that can be taken to increase efficiency. These measures do not include serious renovation.

A predictive EPC will provide a hypothetical result should certain measures be carried out, this will also provide a running cost based on the national average.

Essentially the initial process is the same as a domestic EPC, we then provide 3 further hypothetical EPC’s:

  • Best Case Scenario - Assuming no renovation cost restrictions
  • Realistic Scenario  1 - Suggested improvements
  • Realistic Scenario 2 - Suggested Improvements

The three predictive EPC’s then provides direction to the renovator in sourcing quotes for the suggested improvements. Should certain measures require removal or addition then further EPC’s can be produced to establish the energy costs based on the national average.

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