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Ensuring standards for Energy Assessors

To protect consumers the CLG has set rigorous standards which define the requirements and responsibilities expected of the Domestic Energy Assessor. The BRE Global Accreditation Scheme has been designed to ensure that these rigorous standards are adhered to. The BRE Global Accreditation Scheme is the home of the independent Energy Assessor it will provide the quality framework that is needed, which together with technical support from BRE specialists, will allow them to operate independently in an open market.

This will include a review of appropriate qualifications as well as other aspects such as criminal records and financial probity. Successful applicants will be awarded certificates and placed on a central register. Certification will be maintained through sampling and checking the EPC’s to demonstrate continued compliance with the scheme standards and requirements.

The BRE Global Accreditation Scheme is using a specialist partner, Quest Associates, to deliver IT systems to support the Scheme. Quest Associates has supplied IT and computer systems relating to UK property transactions for over 20 years and is the market leader in the provision of mortgage valuation systems with its products currently handling in excess of 2,000,000 cases per year in over 7,000 installed sites. This represents over £200 billion of lending security.

Checking and Quality Assurance

Auditing the quality of members’ work is a key function and responsibility of the Accreditation Scheme for Energy Assessors.  A high standard of quality assurance is needed to protect the interests of all parties that are entitled to rely on the Energy Performance Certificate. However, it is also essential that the cost and resource demands imposed by the auditing scheme are commensurate with the benefits that will be delivered. Visit the "members area" page for the Procedures. . The results of the audits will be reviewed by the Scheme Manager and will be used to inform decisions about disciplinary or other actions which might be taken against the assessor

Lifelong Learning

The Accreditation Scheme will ensure that all Energy Assessors undertake programmes of lifelong learning to maintain the knowledge and understanding required by the National Occupational Standards, as a continuing condition of Scheme membership. 

The Scheme will keep records of members' involvement in the lifelong learning programmes and recommend an appropriate amount and type of lifelong learning to be measured against the lifelong learning obligations of the National Occupational Standards.  Lifelong learning records will be reviewed and Energy Assessors who do not comply with the requirements for lifelong learning, or do not reach the continuing competence levels, will be referred to the disciplinary process which may result in suspension or withdrawal of membership.

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